"duty roster"

Babette hat mir meinen Dienstplan geschickt. 😉


Every day:

– Cleaning the camps of the smaller cats (where you can enter yourself as volunteer) like: black-footed cats, servals Diesel & Joy and Turbo, caracals Lea (and Leo when arrived) Chuck and Norris (if still possible, otherwise with assistance). So removing the poo and remainings of the food, as well as other lost litter, in their enclosure.
– Observation of the cats mentioned above and the other animals (from outside the enclosure) how they are doing, anything different you notice in behaviour and looks/health? If observing something disturbing or different do inform the staff.
– Fresh drinking water for all cats mentioned above
– Afternoon feeding of the black-footed cats, servals and caracals
(Diesel and Joy eat seperately and can only be reunited after Joy visited her whole meal)
– Assist feeding of cheetahs, leopards and lions
– Play with/give attention to small cubs if any around
– Assist tours guided by Maxie or Jaco

Every week:
– Assist refreshing the drinkingwater of the cheetahs, leopards

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